Children are not idots!  They know when they're being educated and sometimes they just want to read a book for fun. So each of the 'SMART READS for Kids' Information books now has a sister book in the new 'QUICK READS for Kids' series.  In the latter, all the educational vocab, glossary, maths and history has been stripped out and the word count has been massively reduced.  Each book still covers the key facts, retains the interesting stories and bizarre anecdotes and has the cartoon character at the end, but each can be read in half the time.  So it's great for the little ones (5-8 year-olds) because the image to text ratio is now even higher, or for older children who just want the "low down without the slow down".
Each book has the title format 'Whizzz Through the World of [artist's name]'

Here's to happy children, Fx